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How To Combine Marble And Backlight Panels

Backlight panels are often used together with various materials as a backlighting method, and appear as a backlighting accessory. The most commonly used materials together are colored glass, imitation onyx resin plates, colored plastic plates, and marble plates (onyx).

This article focuses on what problems are encountered when combining backlighting and marble, and how they need to be solved. What are the benefits of combining backlight and marble, and in which scenes will they be used.

Natural marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the original rocks in the earth’s crust through the action of high temperature and pressure within the earth’s crust. It is a medium-hard stone, mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite. Its main composition is mainly calcium carbonate, accounting for more than 50%. The color texture style is diverse, mostly used in various high-end scenes.

Why marble backlight panels combination is popular.

Marble and backlight combination is an innovative branch of the application of marble, early as a marble backlight is led strip, but due to the gap in the strip, the marble surface will light a dark piece, the light show the effect is not good. In addition, the lamp beads need heat dissipation, cut too thin marble uneven heat is easy to crack, cut too thick marble and not transparent, so the early marble and led strip combination program is not widely popular.

Later led backlit panels and marble combination of the program became popular, led backlit panel advantage is the surface light source, that is, a whole side of uniform light, light-emitting area, although not like the strip of light can do without limit, but the maximum size can achieve 2x3M, most cases under the marble backlight project single piece of marble size will not exceed 2x3M, generally between 1.5x2M. In addition led backlit panels strip is placed on the side of the light guide plate, small heat dissipation area, will not cause damage to the marble, touch the marble will not feel hot. From these two dimensions led backlit panel for marble combination popular is inevitable.

Marble Backlight Panels
Marble LED Backlight Panel Application

What problems need to be solved for the combination of LED backlighting panel and marble, and how to solve.

Backlighting panel and marble combination there is another problem that needs to be solved, that is, the backlt panel and marble how to fit together, backlit panels because the main material is acrylic light guide, acrylic has a characteristic is easy to shrink deformation placed for a long time. If the backlighting panel and marble laminated together, acrylic shrinkage deformation, will have an impact on the marble. The solution to this problem is to strengthen the backlight plate, the backlight plate and special thickened aluminum combination, with aluminum plate support backlight plate, fixed marble, solve the backlight plate shrinkage deformation caused by a series of problems, to ensure the effect of the marble backlight and service life.

Led backlighting panel and marble combined with the effect of good or bad also depends on the marble itself, the marble needs to be thin enough, generally speaking 3-5mm thickness is more suitable for the thickness of the marble. In addition also need the marble texture is beautiful and delicate enough, beautiful marble texture generally has these characteristics, texture continuous and constant, can be aligned. Such a texture has a sense of beauty. If the texture is not stable, but can form a beautiful painting, it is also possible. If the texture is too rough, the marble quality is not good and the final result obtained is not good.

What color and color temperature backlighting panel is needed for marble, this is determined according to the color of the marble and the scene you want to apply. Generally speaking the most commonly used light is white light, yellow light and RGB light is relatively rare.

Marble backlight panels whether in the home, office, restaurant or in the bar or hotel, it is good to show the characteristics of marble and give more new connotation to marble. It creates more possibilities for the application and presentation of marble.

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