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Shelf Lighting System Solutions

Shelf lighting system solutions

As a manufacturer of shelf lighting systems, we have a wide range of shelf lighting system solutions.

This article describes what shelf lighting system solutions are, how our actual products are used in retail shelf applications, and what retail scenarios our custom shelf lighting solutions can be used in.

What are shelf lighting system solutions?

Shelf lighting system solutions mean that the retail shelves are illuminated with lighting products (led profile, custom light panel, led strips, etc.), power tracks, and daisy chain power.

The solution needed to address the issue of how to configure the optimal lighting products for different types, styles, sizes, and uses of retail shelving.

To make the shelves stand out, catch more eyes and display the products as much as possible.

What is the difference between a retail shelf lighting system, and a home shelf lighting system?

Three differences between them

The choice of lighting products used is different

Retail shelf lighting systems use custom light panels, strips, profile lights, and other lighting products depending on the shelf scheme.

The home shelf lighting system mostly uses light strips to light up the shelves, in addition to the glass with light strips solution will be used to light up the shelves. Because the household cabinets are deep cabinets with large compartments, the light strips are mostly attached to the inner circle of the cabinets.

Whether to use power track and daisy chain power

Retail shelves are mostly custom shelves, and there will be multiple shelves in a store, so using power track and daisy chain power can reduce the number of power supplies as well as facilitate organization and wiring.

Household cabinets generally do not use power track and daisy chain power, mostly using power adapters.

Whether to use RGBw

Retail shelves do not use adjustable RGB and usually use cool white light.

The majority of lighting solutions for home cabinets use warm light or adjustable RGBw for a party atmosphere.

What lighting products from COSUN can be used in retail shelf lighting system solutions

Custom Light panel

Custom light panels are a new star that has emerged in the field of shelf lighting in the last decade, the advantages are very obvious, as opposed to led strips of light to create a sense of space, light panels can send out a large area of uniform and non-blinding light, can be very effective for light luxury products to create a distinctive store, but also to make the whole store light environment overall coordination, from the first feeling to enhance the store’s appearance.

Review the lighting industry’s consumer upgrades, not only product upgrades, but also the upgrade of consumer experience. What areas are light panels used in, and how are they displayed on the shelves?

Custom light panels are commonly used in retail shelf lighting for first-tier and super first-tier luxury goods, skincare, cosmetics, apparel, and sports products brand, such as Chanel, Lancôme, Estee Lauder, Clinique, FIAL, etc.

View our custom led panel solution: CUSTOM LIGHT PANEL FOR FILA STORES.

Shelf bottom placement light panels

Option 1

The light panels are placed at the bottom of open shelves with a large height spacing, and the products are placed on top of the light panels. The light panels are used as decorative lighting to accent the store atmosphere and display products.

Light panel shelf lighting system solutions
Light panel shelf lighting system solutions  2
Option 2

A small display stand is placed on the counter, a custom light panel is placed on the bottom and back of the display stand, and the product is placed on top of the light panel. A small lighted display is created around the product to more easily direct and focus the eye on the product itself. This solution is often used on skincare and cosmetic counters to focus on products.

Light panel shelf lighting system solutions 3

A small section in front of the bottom of the shelf to place a custom light panels

The difference between this solution and the one above is that this solution only places the light panels in front of the shelf because the products placed on this type of shelf are mostly small-sized products and do not need a large spacing of the floor height.

The light panel is only placed in the front section of the shelf and exposed to the customer’s line of sight.

This solution saves cost, avoids wasting electricity, and achieves the effect of product promotion very well.

Light panel shelf lighting system solutions 4
Light panel shelf lighting system solutions 5
Light panel shelf lighting system solutions 6

Place the light panel on the back of the shelf

This solution is commonly used on the shelves of trendy play brands, high-end toy brands, and custom-made huge back-lit shelves with large illuminated areas.

Light panel shelf lighting system solutions 7
Light panel shelf lighting system solutions 8

What colors are generally used in the application of light panels to shelves, and do light panels need to be customized according to the shelves?

The light panel in retail shelves most commonly used 5000-6000k color temperature, in addition to the light panel is required according to the actual situation of the program design program and customization, we are experienced in this piece, familiar with the light panel in the shelf lighting program need to pay attention to what focus, what problems need to be avoided, the most basic such as size tolerance, dot density and light effect, the determination of the location of the hole punching, etc.


Light panels in retail shelf lighting solutions as a newer product solution, the advantage is that the product through the body luminous and can eye direct, a large area of light can well focus the consumer’s eyes on the light panels on the product, the product shine so that consumers are more willing to pay for the brand.

Another advantage of light panels is that they can be customized according to the program, whether it is the size and shape of the light guide, dot design, light effect, or the color temperature of the strip light, or the shape and style of the profile, can be customized. It can provide more room for brands to play in-store design and brand building.

Led profile

Led profile shelf lighting system solution 1

led profiles are often used on the shelves of medium and high-end clothing and luggage stores, led profiles can be well set on the cabinet. A large number of repetitions is an art, straight led Channels are regularly and neatly arranged on the shelves, the store is highly integrated, and the senses enhance the quality of the store.

profile lights are commonly used in the following parts of the shelves

Linear fixture placement on shelves

On top of the inside of the shelf
Led profile shelf lighting system solution 2
Underneath the interior of the shelf
Led profile shelf lighting system solution 3
On the side of the shelf laminate
Led profile shelf lighting system solution 4

led profile lights are also often used in combination with power track and daisy chain power supplies, the advantage is that the maintenance of good maintenance, without having to bring much independent power supply.

The use of line lights on the shelves follows a regular repetitive use of the same object in a combination arrangement, forming a visual monolith and a sense of impact, the light will not be excessively harsh due to the shade cover and soft, and can well create a sense of overall space atmosphere. The width of the line light cannot be expanded, and the length can be determined according to the program.


Light panels and profile lights complement each other well in custom shelf lighting solutions to better create a sense of space ambiance and provide a high-quality shopping experience for your customers.

Led profile shelf lighting system solution 5

Led strips

Light strips are often used on supermarket shelves, and drugstore shelves, light strips are not like led profile lights that have a PC cover, a transparent casing is easy to see the light point on the light strip, so the light strip is often hidden in the supermarket shelves, direct vision can not see the light strip and light source, can only see the light emitted by the light strip.

Led strips lighting shelf system solution 1
Led strips lighting shelf system solution 2
Led strips lighting shelf system solution 3
Led strips lighting shelf system solution 4
Led strips lighting shelf system solution 5


The light strip is one of the most commonly used light sources on the shelves of supermarkets. It is suitable in price, has a wide range of use scenarios and is used in large quantities, and can be well hidden in the shelves with power track and daisy chain power supplies.


The above-shelf lighting system solutions are commonly used for three types of lighting products, light panels, profile lights, and light bars. Each of the three products has its own advantages, each playing a significant role in their respective fields of use, lighting up retail stores, making products shine, attracting customers’ attention, enhancing brand value, and gaining more sales.

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