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Professional sales engineers, production team and mature supply chain can provide fast response and delivery service.

Commonly used on products that require backlighting, such as light boxes, luxury retail shelves, indoor store signage, marble backlighting, freezer backlighting, etc., in addition to conventional lighting products and projects.

We strictly control the tolerance of light guide plate to ensure that the product and engineering drawings are consistent.

We can provide light guides, reflective films, diffusion panels, and even light panels upon request.

The upgraded version of the light guide plate, the light strip, power supply and light guide plate assembled together, convenient for customers to assemble directly on the product.

We strictly control the color temperature of the lamp beads, the light efficiency of the light board, 2 years warranty.

3-5 days to complete the sample, according to customer requirements real-time modification and video feedback, the product and customer requirements consistent.

Our led snap frame light box has three common styles, wide edge, narrow edge, rounded corner, right angle, according to the actual demand can be selected.There are also other styles, contact us for more information.

We optimize the material of the back plate, optimize the customization standard of the dot in the light-emitting area and adjust the structure of the product under the premise of quality assurance.

Our professional sales engineers are ready to communicate with you about the feasibility of the product drawings.

fabric light box we have LGP fabric light box, Led module fabric light box (Edge Lit), light strip fabric light box(Backlit) , flexible light board fabric light box.

LGP fabric light box, ultra-thin thickness, graphic display effect, commonly used in retail shelf counter.

The other three light boxes are suitable for large size, we can recommend suitable solutions according to the demand, for example, LED Moudle fabric light box (Edge Lit), suitable for placing at the entrance of the store, two sides of the light, the exhibition is also very suitable for use.

Crystal light box is also called window display light box, Ultra slim, Thickness , Easy install.

Commonly used in front of floor-to-ceiling windows in real estate sales, with illuminated graphics to display the latest real estate sales information. Double-sided, easy to change graphics.

We have our own smt workshop, two smt production lines, both regular and customized strips light are available.

RGB, RGBw, 2835, 3014, 5050, LED strip with gluing, COB strip. etc.

Mostly used for store fixtures, commercial fitting and home installation. We have 20 different styles of led profile.

Our engineers are able to provide prototype drawings quickly and our proven supply chain is able to respond and deliver quickly, all making customization possible.

Modern appearance as main lighting. We offer three popular styles, and three colorways in black, white and silver.

Our flexible supply chain offers more possibilities for customization, have a chat with our sales engineers about further opportunities for the product.

The led light board is divided into flexible led light board and light board.

Flexible led light board, light weight, thickness, can be spliced into a large area according to the requirements of use.

The light board has the same characteristics as the flexible led light board except that it cannot be bent arbitrarily, and is a complementary solution to the led light panel, which is often used for marble backlight.

Other than the above products, we also provide matching accessories.

These accessories are our proven high quality accessories, which can save your purchasing time and effort.

Some of our accessories are put on the website, if you are looking for more, please contact our sales engineers.

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