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Led Crystal Light Box

 Ultra slim,Thickness , Easy install

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Led Crystal Light Box​

The crystal light box is formed from a light panel and an aluminum alloy frame, making itself easy to install and operate. Its lightweight facilitates its transportation and saves your costs.

A distinguishable feature of our magnetic light box is its magnetic connection which allows the user to change the advertisement posters as easily as possible. This makes it ideal for the fast-moving consumer goods business to display new arrivals quickly, such as movie posters outside cinema theaters. Such versatile applications help broaden your customer base.

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Key Features

    • Magnetic light box is composed of aluminum alloy and magnetic connection to make it easier for users to operate.
    • It is environment-friendly as it uses SMD 2835 light source.
    • Optical grade light guide plate produces advanced illumination.
    • 4. We offer an assorted range of light variations for the magnetic light box.
    • Magnetic light box enhances the visual graphics by producing uniform lighting.
    • It comes with a guaranteed warranty of 13,000 hours.
    • A long-range of customized sizes and colored light sources are provided for customers.
    • The easy-to-operate light box has a high demand and utility among business-oriented customers.

What Our Customers Say


“Cosuntech has always given us exactly what we needed. We’ve received product with higer light effect, Tolerance-free, and on time. Their factory alway means faster turnaround.”

Bruce Kyles



“Cosuntech delivers professionalism and ease. They take care of fulfillment so I don’t need to juggle or manage suppliers. We buy the quote, and Cosuntech takes care of the rest.”

Ryan Lee

Lead Mechanical Engineer, TRT


“I have been impressed with how forthcoming and responsive Cosuntech has been in all of our communications. Your service have won you a lot of friends here at Haidilao”

Jackson Siu

Shopfitting Design Engineer, Haidilao Hotpot


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