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LED Strips

Combining superior led lamps and double-sided fiber glass board, our LED light strip will be endurable with stable performance.

LED Strips

Combining superior led lamps and double-sided fiber glass board, our LED light strip will be endurable with stable performance.

Its tape-like structure consisted of tiny lamp groups, each of which contains 3 lamp beads, allows you to cut it freely to suit for all applications, which also lowers the cost of maintenance.

Being flexible, it can be cut, rejoined, and molded into arbitrary shapes.

Its long life, approximately 100,000 hours, makes it energy-efficient, environment-friendly, cost-saving, and an emerging demand across various industries.

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SMD2835/ 120LEDs/m
(Indoor /Dry Location Series)

The newest SMD 2835 LED tape with 120LEDs/m is a good strip solution that provides maximum brightness for a myriad of applications. Use this strip for applications requiring high lumen output and flexibility. Great for under cabinet lighting, cove lighting, and general office lighting. Color temperature ranges from 2700K to 6500K, and red, green, blue are all available. Small size led can be high density quantity on one row led strip lights, perfect for led linear lighting

Products Features

  • LED Type SMD 2835
  • LED Count 36 LEDs/ft (120 LEDs/m)
  • LED Strip Dimensions 0.177″ (w) x 0.04″ (h) [4.5mm x 1mm]
  • LED Pitch 0.33” (8.33mm)
  • LED Strip Width 0.177″ (4.5mm)
  • LED Node Size 2835
  • Max. Run 16 ft

LED Strip Cutting Diagram

LED Strip Cutting Diagram

Customized Color Temperature



Key Features

  • High-quality materials endow our LED light strip a lifespan of up to 8 years which is approximately five times longer than regular lamps.
  • Strong weather resistance, anti-static and anti-corrosion properties guarantee stable performance with low maintenance.
  • Cosuntech LED light strips are energy-efficient and environment-friendly as they will reduce energy consumption by 90%.
  • Led light strips are designed to provide illumination with very low heat dissipation.
  • All raw material used in our LED light strip are RoHS certified to guaranteed safety.
  • Reliable material allows the user to mold the light strips into the desired shape and high-quality led lamps produce vibrant colors.
  • Brass raw material imparts strength, wear resistance, and good thermal conductivity to our Led light strips.
  • Cosuntech light strips provide you and your customers with rich lighting and vibrant colors for extended service life. Their power-saving and environment-friendly features cater to various industrial and consumer needs and help enhance your brand appeal.

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“Cosuntech has always given us exactly what we needed. We’ve received product with higer light effect, Tolerance-free, and on time. Their factory alway means faster turnaround.”

Bruce Kyles



“Cosuntech delivers professionalism and ease. They take care of fulfillment so I don’t need to juggle or manage suppliers. We buy the quote, and Cosuntech takes care of the rest.”

Ryan Lee

Lead Mechanical Engineer, TRT


“I have been impressed with how forthcoming and responsive Cosuntech has been in all of our communications. Your service have won you a lot of friends here at Haidilao”

Jackson Siu

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