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Optical grade acrylic, pure PMMA sheet, laser etched,lser dotted


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Abbreviation LGP, Japan Mitsubishi acrylic sheet, Italian laser dotting machine dotting, need to prepare the light strip and power supply and other accessories after purchase.

Commonly used in light boxes, panel lights, custom backlighting projects, etc.

We can provide LGP, diffuser plate and reflector plate, and can cut the plate to the required size, such as 700x400mm, or other sizes, round, square, or shaped, as required.

Customers need to assemble themselves after buying custom size light guide plate, custom size lgp advantage is that the laser dot can be designed, the effect is better after the customer installed the light guide plate than the LGP cut by themselves after buying the whole plate.

If the customer does not buy a large size, we recommend the use of 3mm thickness, if the demand for large sizes, we generally recommend 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and other thicknesses, the larger the size, the thicker the recommended thickness to ensure that the acrylic panels will not break in the handling process.


Light Guide Plate – LGP.

They are a pure PMMA sheet, after laser etched with patterns, they can guide the light evenly to the whole sureface.

They commonly work with Reflectors, Diffuser, Or only with Reflectors, to form a whole LGP unit for backlighting.

The above image is the common structure of light guide plate.

Size and Shape

1380*2440mm Maximum

They could be in any shape, square, oval, circle, triangle, etc.

Laser Etching

1) Laser dotting

2)Laser grid

3)any customized decoration pattern


LGPMitsubishi PMMA2000*3000mm3/4/5/6/8/12mm1220*2440mm

Please contact our sales engineers if you have a specific pattern, OR special requst.

Or need other products?

LIGHT PANEL FOR LGP Light guide plate

Led Light Panel

Custom light panels are commonly used in retail display projects, backlit lighting projects, with marble, backlit graphics, or other industry projects that require backlighting. It is an upgrade of LGP, already with light strips and profiles.

fabric light

Fabric Light Box

SEG light box, with good graphic effect, screen size and aluminum profile length can be customized, so the whole SEG light box can be customized in size. There are modules, strips, panels and led light panel to choose from. The largest size of the pull-out light box in the project we experienced is 3X5 meters.

snap frame light box product

Snap Frame Light Box

Snap frame light box is commonly used in the cosmetic industry and retail industry, etc. Our snap frame light box has 6 kinds of commonly used profiles with different styles, and the rounded corners and right angles can be customized. Due to the use of high-quality aluminum, the weight of the product is 1.2 times heavier than the same type. In addition, we have optimized the material of some sections to reduce the cost based on the original quality.

Led Profile

LED Profile

The led profile has a wide range of applications, and can be used in home lighting as well as commercial lighting. The advantage is that the length of the aluminum profile can be cut according to the actual requirements, and then both sides can be fitted with a plug. So we only need to focus on three parts, light color, profile style and length, and power supply. Suitable for quick installation. Of course,we also support if you need to add magnets, rails, magnetic sensors.


  • Our advanced laser-dot technology give the light guide panels higer light effect of 90Lm/w and 95% light uniformity.
  • Light guide panel of ultra-thickness as thin as 3mm are guaranteed to be indeformable by high-quality PMMA raw material.
  • It produces high-definition lighting extensively used for backlight display.
  • Weatherproof ability makes panel lighting perfect for outdoor use and be able to function in severe weather conditions.
  • Double-side lighting is available, as both their sides can be used for lighting purposes. The illuminator, a lamp or LED, can be placed on the side of the light guide or under the light guide.
  • The light guide panel can be modified into any shape or size to fit specific needs.
  • Longer lifespan up to 100,000 hours.
  • Power-saving and efficient Cosuntech LGP panels give you and your customers a memorable experience by offering versatile uses that cater to various industrial needs and help broaden your customer base.

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“Cosuntech has always given us exactly what we needed. We’ve received product with higer light effect, Tolerance-free, and on time. Their factory alway means faster turnaround.”

Bruce Kyles



“Cosuntech delivers professionalism and ease. They take care of fulfillment so I don’t need to juggle or manage suppliers. We buy the quote, and Cosuntech takes care of the rest.”

Ryan Lee

Lead Mechanical Engineer, TRT


“I have been impressed with how forthcoming and responsive Cosuntech has been in all of our communications. Your service have won you a lot of friends here at Haidilao”

Jackson Siu

Shopfitting Design Engineer, Haidilao Hotpot

Where They Are

Cosuntech LGP panels offer high illumination which is extensively used by industries for backlight display and illuminating showcases used for cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, watches, dairy products, ice creams, and confectionery. LGP panels can also be mounted on walls and ceilings for lighting. Moreover, our LGP panels offer versatile double-sided usage as the illuminator, a lamp or LED, can be positioned on the side of the light guide or behind it.

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