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Light Panel for FILA stores.

Light Panel Solution For FILA, Enhance The Product And Brand Presentation.

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Project Details(Light Panel)

Project: LED Light Panel for FILA stores

Project Background: As a high-end luxury brand in sportsware,FILA want to try a special display way which is different from traditional stores for some products.We designed medium size light sheet to create large area light to shine.High light efficiency solution, FILA is more eye-catching among many stores.Attract more consumers and bring amazing sales.So our light sheet can enhance the product and brand presentation.

Application place:offline store display shelf with white light sheet

Product composition: light guide plate + white light strip + power supply + reflective film + diffusion plate + accessories

light panel


Products as part of the display show environment, need to be integrated into the environment, the choice of color temperature is particularly important. In addition, since the light sheet are not embedded in the display, the wires need to be well hidden.

More about project:

For this project, we provided a complete solution for the store to illuminate the display shelves. The light sheets, as part of the display shelves and display space, blended well into the whole space and provided a good overall effect.

This project was a regular project, we provided LED light sheet for FILA’s sports store. The light sheets were required to have an even presentation, the color temperature of the strip needed to be cool white and a little blue looking, in order to coordinate with the overall brand style of FILA. The store needed to show the elements of sports, youth, fashion and trendiness. And the display stand with the light sheets should be suitable for offline stores owned by FILA and should be universal.

In addition, the light sheet is not embedded into the shelf, and the port of the wire cannot let there be a gap between the light sheet and the display shelf, so the port is designed to carry out the wire from the side of the light sheet, not from the back of the LED light panel.

The edge of the LED light sheet of the conventional project is recommended to be silver edge, if the need for higher brightness, and the size of the LED light panel is greater than 1x1M, we generally recommend the use of 24v voltage, the conventional light sheet is generally the bottom of the light guide plate with reflective film, the top with diffusion plate. Let the light can be concentrated in the panel, the surface also can not see the dot. The whole effect shows well.

We specialize in high-end light panel projects, our light panels have UL certificate, CE certificate, our factory has ISO9001 certificate, we are proud to work with you on both conventional and custom light panel solutions, our extensive case experience can avoid most of the problems you will encounter during the customization process and explore new possibilities with you, we look forward to working with you to create an amazing project.

Below are the pictures of FILA store about the production and application of this project. If interested in retail LED light sheet, please contact us for more information.To view our other applications.

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