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1.4×0.8M RGB Wall Light Panel Project On The Top Floor Of COFCO Corporation

This project was an outdoor building lighting project where RGB wall light panels were placed on top of tall buildings to give the entire building facade a beautiful appearance at night.

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This project wall light panels, the light body transparent during the day when the light does not affect the surrounding environment light transmission, the night light uniform, soft, gorgeous.

RGB Wall Light Panel Project Details

Project: Wall Screen RGB Light Panel

Project Background: The traditional beautification of the top floor is generally neglected, but everyone likes to live on high floors. In order to attract more attention, we designed wall screen light panel product on the top floor to shine a dazzling light in the sky at night.

Product composition: light guide plate + waterproof strip + special profile + regulation equipment


The project needs to work at height, the item needs to be waterproof and needs special controller

More about project:

This project was an outdoor building lighting project where RGB wall light panels were placed on top of tall buildings to give the entire building facade a beautiful appearance at night. The project required hundreds of led wall light panels and we encountered some challenges, but fortunately we were able to solve the problems and cooperate to complete the whole project.

We worked with the designers and builders of this project to confirm and adjust the design of the RGB wall light panel and provide the product.

The first problem in the project was the size of the backlight LED panel. If the item was used on the first floor, the size of 2×3 meters could be used, however, the product of the item was used on the top floor, and the size of 2×3 meters was not used together with the glass sandwich and it was easy to bend and deform due to the material characteristics of acrylic. Therefore, the size of 1.4×0.8M led wall light sheet was determined to be used. Because it is on the top floor, the small gap does not affect the view from a distance.

The wall led panel is used on the top floor of the building and needs to be hung on a steel support column, which needs to ensure that the whole backlight LED panel and the acrylic light guide plate inside do not fall down. For this reason, we designed a special profile structure and configured an anti-fall device. To ensure that the LED RGB wall light panel can well guarantee the above requirements. This profile is black with grooves on the side to hold the light guide plate well. In addition, this profile is very thin and has a minimalist appearance that meets modern aesthetics.

Because it is used on top of outdoor buildings, it would be very troublesome to maintain without a waterproof structure. Therefore, we use special waterproof light strips and glass glue filling to ensure that the lamps will not be unusable because of water vapor. The waterproof rating of IP66 extends the life of the backlight LED panel and ensures that the display effect of the backlit panel will not be weakened by water vapor.

The wall lighting project needs special light controller, the backlight LED panel needs to show RGB color outside the building, adjustable monochrome and dazzle mode, we provide program control solution and controller.

Below are some pictures of the production and application of this project. If interested in outdoor LED RGB wall light panel, please contact us for more information.

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