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Triangles RGB Light Panel Project On The First Floor Gate Of COFCO Corporation

Triangles RGB Light Panel Project On The First Floor Gate Of COFCO Corporation

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Project Details(RGB Light Panel)

Project: RGB Light Panel for Architecture

Project Background: The Architecture is widely acknowledged to be rigorous and majestic,how to combine the charm of light to make it better integrated into modern life? We create the Result! The combination of RGB light panel and metal profiles ,make the dull and boring gate roof dazzling and dynamic.
This project shows us more possibilities of light in the Architecture industry.

Size: equilateral triangle, single side length 0.9 meters

The video content is the operation process of the canopy lighting project on the first floor, where the triangular RGB light panel color is changed to various colors and display modes by the controller.

The video is the second RGB light board project on the first floor. The light board shape in the project is rectangular. Please see the lighting effect at night.


The installation requirements are easy and fast, the lamps and lanterns are transparent during the day when they are not open, and do not affect the light transmission of the environment around the lamps and lanterns, and the light emitted at night requires uniform and soft light effect, good overall effect, and no wire connections can be seen.

More about project:

This project is constructed together with the wall light backlight panel project, one on the first floor and the other on the top floor, and the overall view is a complete building lighting project.

This project was constructed together with the wall light backlight panel project, one on the first floor and the other on the top floor, overall it is a complete building lighting project.

The RGB light panel is used on the front door canopy on the first floor as part of the lighting project. It is also used in the outdoor, this project is on the first floor, very close to people, you can see it when you raise your eyes, so the overall effect of the close distance is required to see the light effect is uniform and soft.

This project is similar to the glass light panel project of Vanke Plaza, that is, the light panels are embedded into the framework, and the difference between the two is that the light strips in this project are RGB, so there is no need to move with the music, and each light panel can be set in different colors for display. In addition, the size of the light plates in this project is a uniform equilateral triangle.

It is important to note that the wiring needs to be hidden and the wires need to go in a specific location and not obviously through the light panel. The light plate is placed under the glass, so the light plate itself is equipped with an anti-fall device in order to prevent the light plate from falling and causing accidents. In addition, the light board for outdoor use needs to be waterproof, costech’s light board waterproof up to IP66, water vapor can not touch the light bar and power supply, to ensure that water vapor will not cause the light board bad, failure and other problems.

Below are RGB light panel production and application pictures, if interested in a custom project for a color music control light panel, please contact us for more information.

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