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White Light Panels With Music For Vanke Square

White Light Panels For Vanke Square, Let The Tired People Enjoy The Charm Of Light And Music During Their Leisure Time.

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White Light Panels Project Details

Project:White Light Panels for Vanke Square

Project Background: The brightness and color of the backlit panel is changing with the rhythm of the music, Let the tired people in life or work can be released and rest in the rhythm of light and color.

Project time: 2018 year.

Product size: Irregular shape and multiple sizes

Product composition: light guide plate + led strip + reflective film + colored glass panel + accessories

The video shows the backlight for stained glass changing with the music.


Irregular shape and multiple sizes,waterproof for outdoor.

More about project:

Backlight LED panel with highly light efficiency and evenness as a backlit part, combine with a glass at front, the light color changing with the rhythm of the music, make the light more softer and people feeling more comfortable and relaxed.

The project is composed of five three-dimensional outdoor decorative lighting buildings, each of which is composed of specially designed colored glass with white led sidelight sheets. It is suitable for outdoor aesthetic and leisure lighting. The main color composition is green and blue, interspersed with red and purple, the effect of the product when used represents the leaping light of life. The overall luminescence is uniform and soft, and the light changes with the music, allowing participants to relax and watch a light show.

All the dimensions of the light panels for this project were Irregular shape shaped, and since the products were to be laminated into a metal three-dimensional frame, each product was individual, from shape to size, and no false tolerances were allowed. For this purpose, we have assigned individual serial numbers to each led acrylic sheet and labeled them to ensure that there were no errors during installation.

The product consists of a white waterproof backlight panel and colored glass. At first we considered using RGB light plate, but then we tested and found that the colored glass panel, with RGB light panel and music, ended up with very confusing display. So the final solution settled on using a bright white light strip to give the whole backlight sheet a white light to match the colored glass in front.

Since the product is made up of hundreds of irregularly shaped light panels, it means that the size of each LED Light sheet needs to be individually drawn, cut and labeled, and the length of the light strip for each thin led sheet needs to be individually made. In addition, since the stained glass panel in front of the light panel is prepared first, we have to set aside enough dimensions to prevent the stained glass light panel from failing to fit into the frame because of additional problems such as wires.

Product need to be used outdoors, the first is the use of waterproof light strips, the second is the overall project with glass adhesive for waterproof treatment. Overcome these project difficulties, the project results show good.

We also have a case study of a white light panel in the retail industry, which is used as part of a display stand. The obvious difference between the two cases is that the color temperature of the light bars is different, and the assembly process will be different.

Below were our production and application pictures, if interested in a custom project for a color music control light panel, please contact us for more information.

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